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Although, Gregorian calendar is used since 1 Jan 1927 the religious fests are celebrated according to Islam calendar in Turkey. As a consequence, the religious festivals are not celebrated on the same day every year because they are calculated according to the Islam calendar called “Kameri Takvim”. Islam calendar is approximately 10 days shorter than the Christian year so the religious festival of Greater Bairam  and the holy month of Ramadan circulate throughout the Christian year.

Ramadan and Greater Bairam (Sacrifice Fest) are the most important religious festivals in all Muslim countries. If you really wish to celebrate a religious fest of a friend, I suggest you to visit the link http://www.earthcalendar.net/ to get information about the dates of religious fests in Turkey and other Islam Counries. You can also get more information about religious fests by visiting


All other fests and holidays are celebrated according to the Gregorian calendar. Here are a list of Holidays and Fests for Turkey :


Click on the blue lines to listen them separately.


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December 31-New Year's Day

 31 Aralık

 1. Yılbaşı

 2. Yeniyıl

April 23 - Children's Day /  

             National Sovereignty

 23 Nisan

 1. Çocuk Bayramı

 2. Milli Egemenlik


May 6 - Hidirellez  Festival *

 6 Mayıs


May 11- Mother's Day*

 11 Mayıs

 Anneler Günü*

May 19 - Youth & Sports Day

 19 Mayıs

 Gençlik ve Spor


August 30 - Victory Day

 30 Ağustos

 Zafer Bayramı

October 29 - Republic Day

 29 Ekim





Hidirellez  Festival - not  a  holiday  but celebrated by people as a Spring Fest. To get more info please click on : Hidirellez Festival

May 11- Mother's Day is also not a holiday.


Hıdırellez- Tatil değildir fakat, bahar bayramı olarak kutlanır. Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen tıklayınız : Hidirellez Festival

11 Mayıs - Anneker günü de tatil değildir.


I'd like to wish you a merry Christmas.

Sana iyi Noel'ler dilerim.


Merry Christmas!

İyi Noeller!


Happy New Year!

Mutlu Yıllar!


I wish a happy new year for you and your family.

Size ve ailenize mutlu yıllar dilerim.


I wish you best of luck in a New Year!  

Yeni yılın şans getirmesini dilerim!                            


All the best in a New Year! 

En iyi dileklerimle  yeni yılını kutlarım!


Happy Easter!

Mutlu Paskalyalar!


Happy birthday!

Doğum günün kutlu olsun!


Have a good trip!

İyi yolculuklar!


Best wishes!

En iyi dileklerimle!



Hoş geldiniz! [formal]

Hoş geldin! [informal]


Enjoy your meal!

Afiyet olsun!





To your health!



Congratulations! [Passing an exam, getting married, etc.]



I wish a happy Ramadan for you.

Ramazan bayramınızı kutlar, nice mutlu bayramlar dilerim.


I wish you a happy Greater Bairam (Sacrifice Fest)

Kurban Bayramınızı kutlar, nice mutlu bayramlar dilerim.


İyi Bayramlar!  [A term for general greeting of all fests]




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