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Measures & Quantities

Ölçüler Ve Miktarlar


International numeric system was introduced in 1928 and the metric system was introduced in 1931 in Turkey.

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250 grams of

 250 gram üzüm

a bottle of coca cola

 bir şişe coca cola

a dozen of pencils

 bir düzine kalem

a glass of water

 bir bardak su

a jar of jam

 bir kavanoz reçel

a kilo of apple

 bir kilo elma 

a large glass

 büyük bardak

a liter of milk

 bir litre süt

a packet of cigarette

 bir paket sigara

a portion of salad

 bir porsiyon salata

a quarter


a slice of bread

 bir dilim ekmek

a small glass

 küçük bardak

a third

 üçte bir

a tin of beer

 bir kutu bira




 daha az


 1. daha fazla

 2. daha çok



Weights & Measures



grams to ounces

multiply by 0.04

Ounces to grams

multiply by 28.35

kilograms to pounds

multiply by 2.20

pounds to kilograms

multiply by 0.45



1 sq meter

10.766 ft²

Lenght and Distance

 Uzunluk ve Mesafe

1 centimeter

0.3937 inches

1 meter

3.280 feet

1 kilometer

 0.62 miles

1 meter =
1 kilometer = 0.62 miles

1.09 yards

Cubic measurements

 Hacim Ölçüleri

1 cubic centimeter

0.06102 in³

1 cubic meter

1.308 yd³

1 litre 

0.2643 US gallons

1 litre 

0.2199 UK gallons


 Isı Ölçüleri

°C to °F

multiply by 1.8 and add 32

°F to °C

subtract 32, multiply by 5/9


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